The Crescent Restaurant @ The Osborne Hotel

Within the esteemed Osborne Hotel’s historic walls, lays The Crescent Restaurant, recent changes in team have enabled the hotel to strive culinary excellence and timeless elegance. crafted by a dedicated team.

In this feature, we delve into the meticulous efforts behind the scenes, highlighting the elevated standards of service and collaborative endeavours of talents—Sous Chef David Watson and Assistant Food & Beverage Manager Matthew Mead.

Seamlessly from the historical backdrop, The Crescent Restaurant embodies the charm of a bygone era. The exterior preserves the building’s historical integrity, transporting patrons to the 1840s with its decor. The setting is an integral part of the dining experience.

Guiding our culinary odyssey are David Watson and Matthew Mead, curating an authentic dining experience. Under David’s vigilant eye, the kitchen transforms into a theatre of culinary artistry each evening, blending modern techniques with timeless flavours.

Every dish by David is designed to evoke nostalgia and is simultaneously tailored to the modern palate.

In a vibrant dialogue, David shares insights into his menu philosophy. “As our guests savour dishes, the emphasis on seamlessly melding each element becomes evident,” he articulates. “I aim for our diners to witness the journey from nature to plate in a singular dish.”

“My focus lies in strategically utilizing ingredients in proximity to each dish, enhancing original flavours. For instance, our Dartmoor-reared venison haunch steak, adorned with rosemary & juniper butter, encapsulates my vision fused with contemporary dining expectations, always keeping locality in mind.”

Exceptional food alone doesn’t suffice; a memorable dining experience demands fantastic, personalized service.

Enter Matthew Mead, spearheading The Crescent’s restaurant standards. Reflecting on his induction, Matthew recounts, “Upon joining, I brought a specific focus. The hotel, steeped in history, captivated me with its breathtaking location—it was the catalyst that hooked me.”

“My affection for The Osborne Hotel and The Crescent Restaurant was immediate, not because of what it is, but by what it could be.”

Matthew adds “Considering the building’s rich legacy, anything less than this effort would be nothing short of an insult.  With guests such as Charles Darwin, engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, William Kitson & Philanthropist Angela Burdett-Coutts having rooms in this building we have a lot of legacy to live up to!”

In response to the building’s rich legacy, Matthew declares, “I’ve made it my personal mission to ensure each guest receives the same level of attentiveness and service reminiscent of the pre-Covid era—a standard that regrettably waned UK wide.  My aspiration is to cultivate a restaurant team that views their role not merely as a job but as a career opportunity, a chance to contribute to the storied history of one of Torquay’s most notable buildings.”

Matthew, with his team, orchestrates an elegant guest experience. From greeting to farewell, The Crescent mirrors our commitment to excellence.

The amalgamation of the historical location with modern hospitality creates a unique fusion, setting The Crescent apart. It transforms into a journey, a trove of flavours and service paying homage to The Osborne Hotel’s roots. Inviting guests to relish the past while indulging in the present, David Watson and Matthew Mead synergize their industry knowledge and vision for the future. Every visit becomes a familiar, refreshing experience, weaving together tradition and modernity.

Their collective efforts not only preserve The Osborne Hotel’s traditions but shape its future toward excellence.

The unique experience they create serves as a testament to why The Osborne Hotel has stood the test of time and remains an enduring presence in Torquay’s vibrant hospitality scene.