Pure Abba taking the Southwest by Storm

Pure-ABBA all began in Mollys, on Paignton harbourside in October 2022. Rob and Phil were the resident duo, and invited sisters, Vicky and Lizzy up to join them for a few songs. It became a regular event and before too long, the 4 of them were asked to play at a birthday party as a Band.

Originally, there was a mix of Blues Brothers, Commitments and popular soul songs, then Tracey who owns Mollys, suggested they should try some ABBA. From the very first song something special just happened, it was instant like a light going on in the room.

The vocal purity and harmonies that only sisters can achieve is what elevates this tribute Band to a whole new level. Without the need of a massive production going on, the audience seem to really appreciate the raw talent these two girls have with their incredible singing abilities.

We were asked to put on a Taverna dinner show with a scripted story line, something we thought was out of our comfort zone as musicians, however Lizzy who has worked in musical theatre wrote and produced the whole thing and we were booked 8 times to sell out evenings.

The Pure-ABBA bookings have come in from far and wide and the Band’s popularity has just gone from strength to strength. We were totally bowled over to have been invited to play in Barbados and we are very excited to be performing there in April.

We are always grateful to the people who encouraged us at the beginning and to all our local followers and ever growing fan base for continuing to support us.

For more information and booking enquiries please visit www.pure-abba.co.uk